Winter Pavilion
An outdoor installation by Marcin Dudek
Solo exhibition projects in the gallery by Claudia Djabbari and Heide Hinrichs
Performance installation by Alice Tatge
Marcin Dudek, Katowice, 2004
Marcin Dudek, Katowice, 2004, oil on paper

waterside contemporary is pleased to present Winter Pavilion, a series of projects bringing together an ambitious outdoor installation by Marcin Dudek and two solo gallery projects by Claudia Djabbari and Heide Hinrichs.

A pavilion is traditionally a space of retreat, and in art parlance a showcase. Winter Pavilion brings the two meanings together, using both the gallery and an off-site space.

Marcin Dudek will create Screen House, a short walk from the gallery. This modular and portable building originally housed the artist’s studio in Whitechapel, and will now become an interactive viewing platform.
Entering Screen House, visitors will be able to experience an alternative landscape consisting of peep-holes, collages and projections.

Dudek’s practice follows enclosed spaces – examining how we make them and how we interact with them when they are made. Dudek himself grew up in the housing estates that can be found across Poland, and his irritation with these was not so much to do with their sizes as with their repetition. Screen House is a humorous re-creation of the ‘module’, offering unexpected vistas and perspectives.


Marcin Dudek, Screen House, 2009-12
modular structure, c. 360x480x260cm, wood, plastic panels, tape

Claudia Djabbari’s installations and objects reflect on how social stereotypes of living, working and housing manifest themselves in the world of things. The artist’s interest in collecting, accumulating, storing and sequencing of things appears in a neutralized reduction of the plastic means to the point of abstraction.

Re-contextualised in the gallery, Djabbari’s objects are freed from their original function. The referential reproductions function as models and are exemplary for projections, phantasms and values as well as for social rituals, codes, prominent cultural goods, and commodities.


Claudia Djabbari

Heide Hinrichs’ works balance ambiguity and contradiction, telling stories of past emotions, mental states and gestures. Her installations use objects, wood, clay, papier-mâché, rubber and fabrics, arranged in a state of careful equilibrium. Textures and volumes, scale and colors, contribute to a tactile, multi-sensory experience.


Heide Hinrichs, Miandra, Alyse, David, Jeff, Nolan and Blake : America is bigger than the summer of your individual ambitions, 2009
wire, footballs, dimensions variable

Alice Tatge: Walk with me
Performance artist and choreographer Alice Tatge has designed a programme of guided performances bringing together the two sites of exhibitions that make up Winter Pavilion. Visitors at the private views on 25 January and 8 February will be able to take part and experience the project in an expanded form.

Marcin Dudek’s installation
25 January – 18 February 2012
Private views and performance by Alice Tatge, Wednesday 25 January, 6-9pm and Wednesday 8 February, 6-9pm

Claudia Djabbari’s solo exhibition project at the gallery
25 January – 4 February 2012
Private view Wednesday 25 January

Heide Hinrichs’ solo exhibition project at the gallery
8 – 18 February 2012
Private view Wednesday 8 February, 6-9pm

The exhibition is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Polish Cultural Institute. We are greteful to Karen Royce and Cranston Estate TMO for their cooperation, and to Rachel Middleton, Laura Ann Heywood, Flora Barros, Antonio de la Hera Gomez, Emma Dodds, Jedrzej Nyka, performers in Alice Tatge's project.
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