just another shadow
A K Dolven
A K Dolven, just another shadow
A K Dolven, just another shadow, 2009, oil and pencil on aluminium, 15x30cm

An installation of new paintings by A K Dolven presented at Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston.

Exhibition concept and curatorial text installation by Pierre d'Alancaisez with texts from Pierre d'Alancaisez, Jeniffer Allen, Laura Barlow, David Batchelor, Paul Carey-Kent, Elle Carpenter, Mark Gisbourne, Michael Glasmeier, Herman Melville, Hans Rudolf Reust, Andrea Schlieker, Ellen Seifermann, Timo Valjakka and Camilla Zoller.

30 September - 28 October 2009

Stanley Picker Gallery
Kingston University, Knights Park
Kingston upon Thames KT1 2QJ

A K Dolven is one of Norway's foremost contemporary international artists. Alongside painting, she works in video and film, graphics, photography and installation. She considers concepts the central aspect of her work, while she regards the technical elements as a means.


Dolven lived and worked in Berlin from 1987, and in London for the last ten years, but has kept her Arctic home and studio in the Lofoten Islands throughout her career. She has exhibited widely in many prestigious international galleries and institutions, including South London Gallery, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Kunsthalle Nurnberg and Kunsthalle Bern. Her work is represented in collections such as Art Institute of Chicago, Goetz Collection, Munich, Hoffman Collection, Berlin.

Accompanying the installation of A K Dolven's two paintings is a live installation which constantly prints interpretative texts from a selection of found, commissioned and appropriated writing. See a compilation of the texts here.


just another shadow is guest-curated by Pierre d'Alancaisez for the 7.9 Cubic Metres programme at Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston. 7.9 Cubic Metres is an artist-initiated project by James Carrigan curated by Eliza Tan.

We would like to thank A K Dolven, the writers, Eliza Tan, James Carrigan, David Falkner, Jackie Thomas, Tom Hall, Michael Bucknell, Josh Love and Kåre Grundvåg.
A K Dolven works courtesy carlier | gebauer, Berlin and Wilkinson Gallery, London.
Documentation by Pierre d'Alancaisez and Seamous Slattery.