Cathode Ray Mission
Josh Love and New Display Strategies
Tom Badley, Rob Kiff, Daniel White, Amanda Wasielewski, Richard John Jones, Jack George
Still from Videodrome
Still from Videodrome, 1983

New Display Strategies and Waterside Project Space present
Cathode Ray Mission which takes its title from David Cronenberg's cult classic 1983 film Videodrome.

Cathode Ray Mission creates a fictional environment in which to display artists' video. With its technologically redundant display equipment, ad-hoc office architecture and low-budget aesthetics, the strategy stands in opposition to the mundane, yet readily available, platforms for exhibition.

Cathode Ray Mission includes works by Tom Badley, Rob Kiff, Daniel White, Amanda Wasielewski, Richard John Jones and Jack George, each shown in an upholstered office cubicle, amongst which the audience move as in a labyrinth.


Cathode Ray Mission, presentation by Josh Love

The exhibition is curated by Josh Love. New Display Strategies is the collaborative framework of Josh Love, Richard John Jones and Carlos Monleon, in which they explore new models of address and exhibition.


installation walkthrough

Works shown in Cathode Ray Mission:
  • Tom Badley, Struggle and Invention, 2008
  • Jack George, Powers of Ten, (After the Eames Office), 2009
  • Richard John Jones, New Display Strategies, 2009
  • Richard John Jones, Proh-soh'pa-peer, 2009
  • Rob Kiff, Tracking Test (Edit 1), 2009
  • Daniel White, google search: content, 2008
  • Amanda Wasielewski, Supervision: Wawina, MN, 2008

5 - 20 December 2009
Private view Saturday 5 December, 7-10pm

Screenings of Videodrome will take place during the opening on 5 December, and again at 6.30pm on Saturdays 12 and 19 December.

Waterside Project Space is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. We would like to thank Josh Love, the artists, Paul Pieroni, Peter Close, Devise London, Beth Greenacre, Tereza Zelanková, Chris Collier, David Spraggs and Maxa Zoller. Documentation: Tereza Zelanková and Pierre d'Alancaisez.
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