Tension, Intervention and Restraint
An evening of live art, rules and spontaneity
Agnes Yit, Heather Jones, Kiki Taira, Kimbal Bumstead, Benjamin Sebastian
Tension, Intervention and Restraint - performance documentation
Kiki Taira

Tension, Intervention and Restraint explores fluid boundaries between concept, action, reception and reaction. Following the principles of contact improvisation, artists will explore the potential of spontaneity through durational performances.

With a set of rules created for and by each artist, an environment will be established in which artist and performance(s) will inevitably clash and / or bleed into one another, maintaining a tension between the performer, the audience and the group.

The evening will run until reaching its natural conclusion either through physical exhaustion of the artists or disengagement of those involved. The audience are free to engage with the work in any way they like, to wander around the artists, to touch them or be touched, to drink, talk, stand, sit quietly or not. Boundaries can and will fall down. The event hopes to question just how blanketing a set of rules can be, and at what point can or must they be broken.


Kiki Taira, Tension, Intervention and Restraint, 2010

Saturday 9 January 2010, 7pm

Waterside Project Space is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. We would like to thank the artist, Tereza Zalenková and Chris Collier. Photographic documentation: © Martin Lesanto-Smith and Tereza Zelenková. Video documentation: Matthew Kay and Heather Jones.
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