Flip the coin
Sonic intersections
réaltympanica with Michael Picknett

réaltympanica, Connection Failed, 2010

Responding to the structures created in I Will Eat This Sleepy Town by Marcin Dudek and Ben Washintgon, réaltympanica will create a sonic journey through the gallery. Visitors will be invited to pick up a pair of headphones, enter the gallery and experience the unexpected audio-material matches with the physical space of the installation.

Launch First Thursday, 3 February, 6-9pm
then until 20 February during gallery opening hours

réaltympanica is a collective that combines digital media and theatre, creating site-responsive and socially engaged art. The group has been working with sound, video and broadcast in order to extend dramaturgical possibilities and adapt cinematic principles to live art, creating site-specific productions that deal with social and urban issues.

The group's recent projects include: Connection Failed, a live art sound piece in a launderette in South London, X Street (London Festival of Architecture) a minibus sonic journey through Hackney.

réaltympanica are Robert Redmer, Ioana Paun and Renata Gaspar. In this project, the group will work with composer Michael Picknett, with the voice of Tiffany Charrington, and the collaboration of Alexandra Dimitriou.

Waterside Project Space is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and the exhibition by the Polish Cultural Institute, Austrian Cultural Forum, and Tesa Tapes. We would like to thank the artists, Peter Meikl, Anna Tryc-Bromley, Agnieszka Marszewska, Karolina Kołodziej, Paulina Latham, Jeremy Smith. Mariza Tschali. We gratefully acknowledge the support of Mr James Ellery and Wonder.
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