A performance work in music, dance and installation
Alice Tatge, Silvia Giuffrè, Alessandro Librio, Angelo di Mino
3:00 Alice Tatge video still

“The present contains nothing more than the past, and what is found in the effect was already in the cause."
Henri Bergson

A collaborative work conceived by Alice Tatge, 3:00 is a 30 minute site-responsive piece that combines dance, music and video installation. The work investigates the interaction of these three art forms and the points at which they come together into coherent coincidence or else rupture and fragment. The piece engages with different temporalities - loops and traces, past, present and future, forward and in reverse - ultimately building towards a cohesive overarching narrative: a voyage through a series of thought associations, visual imprints, sound and movement traces in an all-immersive environment.

Choreographed by Alice Tatge, video installation by Alessandro Librio, live music by Alessandro Librio, Angelo di Mino.

Alice Tatge (1981, Italy) is a dancer and choreographer. At the age of six, she began training in ballet and the Graham technique. She trained in the US, Hampshire College and in New York. In the UK, she studied at the Laban Centre. Alice has worked professionally with companies such as Punchdrunk and the Welsh National Theatre.
As a choreographer, her practice juxtaposes pure dance and the emotional and physical content that it evokes with other forms of art.
Between 2007 and 2009, Tatge curated the live art element of Ear Cinema, a multi-faceted installation directed by Wajid Yaseen and presented at the ICA Theatre and touring the UK including at the Arnolfini in Bristol and Salisbury arts center.
In 2007 she premiered at Dartington College of Arts, the work Instructions For Use, a performance in dance and installation.
Her recent choreographic works include performances at the Royal Festival Hall and Barbican Arts Centre.
3:00 is the second work created by Tatge for Waterside Project Space. In 2009, she presented her work Memento with Leila McMillan at the gallery.

Silvia Giuffrè is a dancer and choreographer. She studied at the University of Palermo, Sicily with a thesis in Philosophy and Dance. She trained in New York at the Trisha Brown Dance Company and at  Movement Research. She specializes in Release Technique, Contact Improvisation and the method of choreographer Betty Lo Sciuto.
Since 1999, Guiffrè has been a member of Moto Armonico-Danza, directed by Betty and Patrizia Lo Sciuto and works in association with Amici della Musica di Trapani. She is also a dancer in the ensemble of choreographer Micha Van Hoecke (Baccanti 2009).  Silvia has performed in Italy, Germany, France and Cile.
Her first choreographic work Prendo il corpo in parola was based on the book by F. Guajana, with music by G.Rizzo. She has recently worked as a choreographer of Anima, inspired by the work of Leonardo Da Vinci and directed by Luciano Roman at Teatro Biondo Stabile in Palermo.

Angelo Di Mino (1987, Palermo) is a composer and musician. He began studying the cello at the age of 17 with Davide Alfano. In 2005 he was admitted to the conservatory V. Bellini in Palermo were he currently studies under the guidance of internationally acclaimed cellist Giovanni Sollima.
Since his first encounter with classical music he discovered a passion for composition, particularly for cello and chamber music.
In 2005 and 2007 he composed music for the theatre director Roberto Simonte, with performances in Palermo and Caserta. He also collaborated with the pop group The Second Grace and the singer Alessandro Mancuso.
Recently, Di Mino has joined the cultural association Curva Minore directed by Lelio Giannetto, in the ensemble Contemporary Sounds Unity, performing works by Andreas Wagner in Palermo and in Cologne. He has also played in concert with members of the Instant Composer's Pool Orchestra.

Alessandro Librio (1982, Erice, Sicily) is a musician, composer and video artist. He began studying the violin, piano and composition at the age of 13 when he joined the Conservatory of A. Scontrino in Trapani.
He also studied at Genova with Giuseppe Gaccetta, one of the last descendents of the Paganini school, at Marsala with Zoya Nademliska and in Rome with Francesco Paverini. In 2004 he began a close collaboration with the cultural association Curva Minore, becoming part of the Sicilian music crew, Onda Mediterranea, Palermo Skratch Orchestra, Archibugi Strings Trio and the ensemble Contemporary Sounds Unity.
In 2005 he studied electronic music with D. Sciajno and Francesco Galante. The same year he created 38° Parallel a group sensible of theatrical, musical and video art experimentation. For this group he wrote and directed Operation Zero presented in Palermo and Rome. He was a winner of the theatrical contest of Agricantus, writing music for the 1st edition of Arabbì.
In 2007 and 2008, Librio was invited to represent Italy to an evening dedicated to the young European talents, at Aechen (Germany). Orientated towards improvisation he has collaborated with some of the most influential improvisers of the international scene, such as Patti Smith, Michael Moore, Fred Frith, Mike Cooper, Michael Vatcher, Gino Robair and Alvin Curran.
Librio and Di Mino have collaborated in a duo since 2008, joining the staff of photographer Oliviero Toscani and prime minister for culture Vittorio Sgarbi, in Salemi. For Toscani they devised in 2009 a performance at the Open House Galery in New York.

Friday 30 April 2010
Two performances at 7pm and 8pm
Tickets £3

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