21st Century Carpet Sale
A Legendary Collection
Oreet Ashery, 21st Century Carpet Sale

Thursday 16 October 2014, 7–8pm

Swedenborg House, Bloomsbury Square Gardens
20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London, WC1A 2TH

waterside contemporary and Swedenborg Society present 21st Century Carpet Sale! A Legendary Collection, a performance event conceived by Oreet Ashery, and featuring Woolf, Leah Borromeo, Owen Glyndrwr Parry, Edd Hobbs, Alice MacKenzie and The Emancipated, and The Un/Clean.

Ashery’s expansive body of work often confronts ideological, social and historical constructions within the fabric of personal and broader contemporary realities. This new work weaves together ideas the artist has been exploring since the beginning of the century.

Part catwalk, part punk-rock concert, part emancipated choreography, the event moves between threads of poetic resistance, musical declarations, and a foil of chaotic revelry. Historical moments summoned from humble materials of the Great Hall will be regenerated, as the evening culminates with an auction of the Swedenborg Carpet.

Guests will have a chance to bid on and own a piece of this legendary collection, in exchange for incremental measures of freedom.

The performance accompanies Ashery's solo exhibition Animal with a Language.


Oreet Ashery, 21st Century Carpet Sale! A Legendary Collection, 2014
photo: Jack Woodhouse

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