Radek Szlaga

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They don't know why, but they keep doing it

Born 1979, lives and works in Warsaw, Poland

Radek is one of the most interesting and productive young painters from Poland.
He introduces to his painting marginal topics and trash baroque aesthetics.
Szlaga’s grotesque universe is a world without boundaries between the aesthetic
and historical orders so anything can happen here – and a lot happens indeed.
In Szlaga’s art, the simplicity of naive painting meets the philosophy of Jean Bau-
drillard, the magical thinking of Carlos Castaneda, and a topos of the total repro-
duction of reality from Borges’s stories.
Since 2007 he has been a member of the artistic group Panerstwo.

Radek Szlaga, Orzel
Radek Szlaga, Orzel / Eagle, 2011
oil on canvas,
Radek Szlaga, Orzel
Radek Szlaga, Anarcho-Primitivism, 2011
oil on canvas
Radek Szlaga, Orzel
Radek Szlaga, Survivors, 2011
oil on canvas, 78x58cm
Radek Szlaga, Orzel
Radek Szlaga, Tecza / Rainbow, 2011
oil on canvas

Radek Szlaga, Gaya, 2011
oil on canvas

The artist's works are presented in partnership with Leto, Warsaw.