Prime numbers
Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová, The Reconciliation of Yes and No (Tesseract, Pentachoron, Parametric Hypercube), 2015

Open from 18 January
Private view Thursday, 19 January, 6-8pm

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Writing about music, dancing about architecture

Open from 11 January

Fresh Polish Mushrooms

The gallery is closed.

Winter sale
Kamen Stoyanov, Time for Sale, 2014

Open from 14 December

Talk, talk, that's all you can do
Mounira Al Solh, Multilingual Parrot, sketch, 2016

Open from 14 December

Possible outcomes
Oreet Ashery, Revisiting Genesis, 2016

Open from 7 December

Everybody all at once
Iván Argote, History of Humanity, 2011

Open from 30 November

Reverse Engineering
Nick Hornby, Mask (Picasso ii), 2016

Open from 23 November

Núria Güell, Buenas Intenciones. La letra pequeña (Good Intentions), 2015, detail

Open from 16 November

Gathering Pace
Nicoline van Harskamp, Portrait of an Englishes Collector, 2015

Open from 9 November

Perennial Limbo
Marianna Christofides, Perennial Limbo, 2015

Open from 2 November